Rivar Technologies Introduces CODE: NEO Software for Fast, Powerful Websites; Web Development, Application Server Technology Delivers Ten-Fold Speed Gains
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COMDEX Fall 2001

CLEARWATER, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 24, 2001

Rivar Technologies is introducing CODE: NEO, web development and application server software, designed to dramatically increase website speed and performance. CODE: NEO integrates HTML web development languages with C++, the language of operating systems, to deliver ten-fold speed gains in website processing, according to Gene Savar, Rivar chief executive officer and co-founder. CODE: NEO will be demonstrated at COMDEX Fall 2001, Booth L4922 in Las Vegas, November 12-16.

"Speed of execution is the key factor in website users' satisfaction," said Savar. "Yet users of data-rich, dynamic content sites have had to accept trade-offs. Typically, web servers are designed to accept a set number of simultaneous users. Exceeding that number can prevent users from accessing all or a portion of a site. That's what happens, for example, when everyone logs on to buy just-released concert tickets."

CODE: NEO gives a single web server the processing power of ten. It is designed so companies, web developers and programmers can easily and cost-effectively eliminate bottlenecks -- both with existing sites and new sites -- using software rather than expensive hardware.

CODE: NEO's speed derives from its ability to bring the power of C++ to the web. Most websites handle the interaction between visitors and databases with languages such as JAVA, PERL or ASP. As web development languages, these lack the processing speed required by today's data-intensive, interactive websites, Savar said.

CODE: NEO allows web pages to be embedded with C++ and compiled into high-speed binary objects that are executed directly by servers in response to user requests. Benchmarks indicate that compiled binary objects can execute ten times faster than programs written in PERL, JAVA or ASP. Users access information faster and more users per web server are accommodated, reducing bottlenecks and the potential for site crashes.

The speed gain allows for improved performance in demanding applications such as interactive form generation, transaction processing, security and authentication procedures, and access to complex databases.

CODE: NEO effectively increases processing power without requiring middleware or additional hardware. It lowers the cost of adding new features, scales efficiently, and smooths migration of legacy programs to the web. As an online development tool, it gives developers anytime, anywhere programming access, collaboration and real-time webserver interaction, allowing for early diagnostics and easy updates.

CODE: NEO also reduces the time and cost to bring new applications to market. Companies can tap C++ programmers, the largest standardized language pool of developers, rather than hiring specialized web programmers, and can reuse the huge, readily available base of C++ code.

A free evaluation copy of CODE: NEO is available (beginning November 12) at http://www.rivar.com. For more information, contact Rivar Technologies at 727/724-1305 (phone), or via e-mail at info@rivar.com.

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